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Oct 17, 2020

Tables, Faster Desktop Apps and CDN privacy

In your inbox today, grids, a really nimble alternative to ElectronJS, and should you be using public CDNs?

Library: Grid.js

Grid.js is a HTML table plugin written in TypeScript. It is simple and lightweight, works with most JavaScript frameworks out there.

Library: SciterJS

A novel way for building desktop apps, sciterJS is a recently open sourced set of SDKs that run on top of QuickJS. Do checkout all other projects by the author around QuickJS.

Bonus: HN Thread about SciterJS

Article: Please stop using CDNs for external Javascript libraries

Modern JS is changing very fast, public CDNs are a great way for apps and developers to keep up. But we haven’t given much thought to the privacy concerns of using them, with this article the discussion has perhaps begun.

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