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Sep 12, 2020

Hot takes, superfast memoization and decorators

An interesting talk, the fastest memoization library for JS and decorators coming to JavaScript, here are the top 3 stories from this week.

Video: You Really Don’t Need All That JavaScript

In this talk from GOTO Chicago 2020. Stuart Langridge talks about frameworks and why we don’t need them every time. You don’t have to dump your Vue project after listening to this, but it will definitely give you a new purview of things.

Article: How I wrote the fastest JavaScript memoization library

Memoization is technique used to speed up programs by caching the results of expensive function calls and returning them when the same input is given.

In this article Caio Gondim writes on how he built a super fast memoization library for JavaScript and released it as an open source project

Proposal: Decorators coming to JavaScript

Decorators are a JavaScript language feature, proposed for standardization at TC39. Decorators are currently at Stage 2 in TC39’s process, indicating that the committee expects them to eventually be included in the standard JavaScript programming language.

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