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Aug 22, 2021

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Three projects for you to explore, all on different spectrums, but doing something radical or peculiar.

Project: Lemonade.js

Lemonadejs is a lightweight reactive micro-library, written in vanilla JavaScript with support for two-way binding. It can help you to deliver reusable components and does not require transpilers, babel or other dependencies to work. Perfect for widgets and tiny interactive forms.

Project: Imba

Imba is an ambitious new programming langauge for the web that compiles to JavaScript. Built by the folks at, it’s built from scratch for productivity and performance.

Project: AbsurdSQL - SQL on the web

This article introduces absurd-sql which is a project aiming to provide a persistent backend for SQLite on the web. It uses IndexedDB but with sql.js in front, which allows SQLite to read/write from IndexedDB in small blocks, just like it would a disk

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