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Aug 8, 2021

Win for VueJS

A few good articles, a tiny new JS runtime and a win for VueJS

Article: How To Build Resilient JavaScript UIs

Embracing the fragility of the web empowers us to build UIs capable of adapting to the functionality they can offer, whilst still providing value to users. This article explores how graceful degradation, defensive coding, observability, and a healthy attitude towards failures better equips us before, during, and after an error occurs.

Project: txiki.js

txiki.js is a small and powerful JavaScript runtime. It’s built on the shoulders of giants: it uses QuickJS as its JavaScript engine and libuv as the platform layer.

Announcement: Wikimedia Selects Vue.js As Its New Frontend Framework

This process has been ongoing for years, the folks behind Wikipedia have finally made an announcement regarding the future of their Frontend Framework. Congratulations to the Vue

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