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Jul 25, 2021

Dinero will take care of the money

I got a library for you, also a really nice course of establishing mental models, and a gentle introduction to web components for you. Happy weekend!

Library: Dinero.js

Dinero.js lets you express monetary values in JavaScript. You can perform mutations, conversions, comparisons, format them extensively, and overall make money manipulation in your application easier and safer.

Course: Just JavaScript

Just JavaScript is Dan Abramov’s distilled mental model of how JavaScript works and a collaboration with Maggie Appleton. It’s a great course for anyone who’s looking to strengthen their foundations of JavaScript. Highly recommended

Article: Intro to Web Components: Vanilla JS

This article goes through what web components are, how we can build them without a framework, and some limitations to keep in mind during development. It is a nice, gentle introduction for anyone looking to get started.

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