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Jul 11, 2021

CSVs, exporting modules and security DX

This weekend let’s talk about CSVs, exporting modules and the abomination that npm audit is.

Library: lil-csv

A small module for CSV file manipulations. The author was looking for a solution that could parse deep objects, worked in browser and tiny. To put it best is to put it in his words

I’m pretty sure CSV parsing can be implemented in less than 1Kb min.js.gz. So I did it.

Article: export default thing is different to export { thing as default }

The title gives it away, this is a great read on how dependency resolution really works, highly recommended.

Article: npm audit: Broken by Design

A rant perhaps, by Dan Abramov on how npm audit hurts developer experience and security with its false positives for developers both novice and experienced.

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