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Jul 4, 2021

The last return wins

Launches, reading, low-key this has been an exciting week for the eco-system

Article: In JS functions, the ‘last’ return wins

Fascinating read on how return statements work in JS, a neat little gotcha about finally that you may not have a practical use for, but it’s interesting to know nonetheless

Article: Temporal: getting started with JavaScript’s new date time API

The bad ergonomics of the current Date API is not unknown to most JS devs, here’s an introduction to the new Temporal API coming to a browser near you.

Release: SolidJS goes v1

A not exactly new framework in town, Solid has been in the works for literal years. This is their first stable release, along with announcements for great plans for the future

A reactive and precompiled “Virtual DOM”-less JSX framework with all the flexibility of React and simple mental model of Svelte.

Bonus: Evan You also launched a new framework closely resembling Alpine but with Vue Reactivity under the hood, check it out here

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