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Jun 13, 2021

Astro for the stars

Happy weekend, here are the top 3 stories from this week.

Launch: Astro

Astro is a new kind of static site builder that delivers lightning-fast performance with a modern developer experience. It lets you bring your own framework and renders your entire page to static HTML, removing all JavaScript from your final build by default.

Book: Deep JavaScript

A book that takes a deep dive into JavaScript fundamentals. It’s great for the curious folks trying to understand what’s happening under the hood and teaches practical techniques for using the language better.

Article: Rust from a JavaScript perspective

The article says it all, Rust has gained a lot of momentum recently. If you’re not familiar with the language yet, here are some thoughts from a JavaScript developers perspective.

P.S. I’ve recently redesigned the TinyJS website, take a look here and let me know your thoughts

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