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May 30, 2021

Tree Shaking, Vanilla Extract, MDN

Happy weekend, here are the top 3 stories from this week.

Article: Tree-Shaking: A Reference Guide

Dealing with modern frontend development, you definitely must’ve stumbled upon the term Tree Shaking. Here’s a deep dive on how tree-shaking works and how specs and practice work together to make bundles leaner.

Project: vanilla-extract

I recently stumbled upon this project. The project promises zero-runtime stylesheets in TypeScript. This essentially lets you use TypeScript as a preprocessor to write type‑safe styles and then generate static CSS files at build time.

Launch: MDN Plus

MDN is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and authoritative sites on modern web, they are soon going to launch a premium service with high-quality content and deep dives.

MDN Plus builds on top of your much-loved core content, providing constantly-updated guides to highly-requested topics, helping you keep your knowledge fresh and your skills sharp.

Bonus: Generate boring avatars for yourself

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