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May 9, 2021

Just great links for you

Heya, been a while I sent one of these. Here’s some interesting JS stories to follow this weekend.

Article: Dependency Managers Don’t Manage Your Dependencies

If you have anything to do with modern front end development, you are most likely managing a host of dependencies for your apps. Here’s the first part of the JS infrastructure blog series by Christoph Nakazawa, explaining how we can take better decisions regarding these dependencies in our projects and enable long-term maintainability. It’s an interesting read, highly recommended

Awesome: JS Tooling not in JS

Speaking of JS tooling, there’s a new trend of writing tooling in compiled languages like Go and Rust. These tools have been showing great results in performance, here’s a wonderful list of all such tools in the wild.

Article: How we use Web Components at GitHub

GitHub took the bet on Web Components early on, today they have established a formidable practice on how they approach their UI with Web Components and have written about it on their blog. It’s an interesting piece if you’re looking to explore the idea.

Here’s everything for this week. See you folks on the next edition.

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