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Dec 27, 2020

Volta 1.0 & React on Server?

It’s holiday season, here is a quick catchup on the big stories from the JS world

Release: Volta 1.0

Volta’s job is to manage your JavaScript command-line tools, such as node, npm, yarn, or executables shipped as part of JavaScript packages. With its 1.0 release, Volta is ready for general use in projects of all sizes.

Article: React Server Components

In case you missed the announcement, in this article Addy Osmani writes an insightful breakdown of what server components are and shares his thoughts on its impact.

Article: These Rails apps are overpacking their JavaScript bundles

You might think dividing your JavaScript into multiple bundles will help improve page load performance. When done incorrectly with Webpacker, it’s possible to make things worse.

This mistake appears relatively common. As I’ll share in this post, I’ve discovered several of my favorite Rails applications are making browsers download and parse more JavaScript than necessary even while attempting to send less.

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