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Dec 6, 2020

Don't wanna miss this!

Happy weekend, here are the top 3 stories from this week.

Survey: State of JS 2020

State of JS 2020 is now live, an annual survey that for the past four years has been providing insights on the larger trends of the ecosystem by collecting data from over 20,000 developers

Podcast: Vue vs. Svelte with Evan You and Rich Harris

Evan You, the creator of Vue.js, and Rich Harris, Graphics Editor at The New York Times and creator of Svelte and Rollup, join hosts Ken Wheeler and Jared Palmer on The Undefined to talk about the future of frontend development.

Release: Snowpack 3

This is a major milestone achieved for Snowpack team, with many features including a new way to load npm imports on-demand and skip the frontend npm install step entirely.

Snowpack v3 will focus on the polish & official release of four features already available today in the current version of Snowpack (v2.18.0) under the experiments flag:

  • experiments.source- Streaming npm imports, no install step required.
  • experiments.optimize - Built-in bundling, preloading, and asset minifying.
  • experiments.routes - Advanced config for HTML fallbacks and API proxies.
  • import 'snowpack' - A brand new JavaScript API for Snowpack integrations.

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